Posted on the Squeetus Blog August 14, 2006 09:20 AM PST.

We're in bed, I was just looking up some phone numbers I need to call in the morning (water leaking in our new home--oh, joy), when Dean says, "Can you think of any words that start with 'wr' that aren't cool?"

I think. "No, they're all cool."

Our list so far: writhe, wriggle, wren, write, wrinkle, wraith, wrath, wrest, wrack, wreak, wreck, wrong, wright. See? They're all cool. We're debating about wrist. I, personally, am a fan of wrist.

Today when we were driving (to go discover said leak in new house), I told Dean, "People who comment on my blog want me to travel to where they are so they can meet me. It's sad, really, when people meet me, they're sure to be disappointed."

Dean said, "Not disappointed. Disillusioned maybe."

Ah, the comforting words of those who know you best.

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