Posted on the Squeetus Blog July 19, 2006 03:33 PM PST.

Just spent my last two writing days reading the first half of book of a thousand days in my dark closet by the light of a candle. Dean, of course, gave me funny looks, trying to silently assert how absurd I am, but I found the exercise very helpful. Given what the book is about. Which I'm not going to tell you.

Max has napped the past two days! Hallelujah. And I was able to go grocery shopping yesterday and not throw up, so certainly something to celebrate around here. He's so unbelievably cute. Lately he likes to share yogurt with me. I must sit on the floor as part of the ritual and alternate spoonfuls between my mouth and his, while he wiggles around, climbs on and off my lap, turns in circles, stands on his head, and flops on the ground.

Someone just sent me a link to a librarian's review of river secrets on her blog. So exciting! This is the first official feedback I've received on the book from someone I don't know, so it's highly encouraging. And clearly she's become my new favorite librarian. (be warned if you follow the link - some very minor enna burning spoilers) I'm excessively fond of the book in a way that doesn't feel as self-indulgent as it probably sounds. I just like that Razo so much.

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