Posted on the Squeetus Blog December 02, 2005 08:18 PM PST.

I can't believe I forgot to put this in before. Holly Black read an early copy of Razo's book (I revealed the new title in the newsletter, but I promised I wouldn't do here for two weeks). She agreed to give me a blurb--my first blurb from another writer! She gave me three choices:

"Shannon Hale will steal your last water bottle."

"Shannon Hale is the r0x0rz."


"Shannon Hale writes deft, lyrical, wonderful fantasy."

I turned in the final draft of Razo's book today! It's such a great feeling. Now it'll go to copy editing, which means a copy editor will look over it for consistency, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Then I'll get the copy edited manuscript back and agree or disagree with all the editor's suggested changes. We'll do that again once it goes to typesetting, so I'll read through the book at least two more times before it's printed, but the hard part is over. On to the next project! And to celebrate...we're having Chinese food. Actually, we just ate. Max is down for the night, my sister and brother are downstairs watching an episode of Justice League. I'd be watching it (it is the best show on television), but I just saw this episode the other day. Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl rock. And I have a secret crush on Batman. Don't tell.

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