Posted on the Squeetus Blog January 12, 2006 09:28 AM PST.

My husband (Dean) and I just had a prolonged discussion about which of us is crazier. I am determined that he is by far crazier, and he stuck to the "equally crazy" stance. Eventually he rolled around to "I'm only slightly crazier than you," but even that wouldn't appease me. I mean really, those of you who read both our blogs, isn't the choice obvious? Vote for Dean for craziest spouse.

This conversation ebbed then picked back up again with evidence and impassioned speeches, until Dean killed it by saying, "Okay, I'm only as much crazier than you as I am smarter than you." That is so not fair. He cheats like this all the time.

And then, several minutes later we were talking about the book were writing and in a complete non sequitur, he says, "Despite the fact that I'm the bald one, I think you'd look more natural with horns." And his eyes glance upwards casually, as if imagining. I ask you, how much can a wife stand before she should expect chocolates?

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