Posted on the Squeetus Blog March 09, 2006 08:22 PM PST.

To copy Holly Black, here's a sum up of my California book tour, told in numbers.

school visits: 7

in store events: 5

stock signings: 16

official dinners (with booksellers or other book folk): 7

times I looked up and realized the next person in line was my cousin Angela: 1

hours spent in California traffic: lots

times I was asked if I am a Mormon: about 8

men in cowboy hats who gave our yellow mustang convertible a thumb's-up: only 1, but he was very enthusiastic

meals eaten at In-And-Out Burger: 0 (I've still never had that California experience! Now I have to go back)

dogs publicist Deb pointed at and cooed over: about 200 (Cozy, the store dog from Imagine That, was the highlight. She was so cool! A veritable walking sofa.)

weeks PA is on the NYTBS list: 5!

water bottles I had to ask someone else to open for me: about 15 (I have wimpy hands, apparently. Deb did most of the work, but once a 5th grade girl from St. James' School saw me struggling and popped it open for me.)

kisses I gave to Max since coming home: 2752

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